Study in Blue

Summer has arrived in the Caribbean. It is now hot. But the ocean has lost its rage and the water has turned transparent crystal turquoise. It is beautiful. However there is a flip side to this. We are now in hurricane season until November.

This is also the rainy season. We have hot hot days, and then at eventide, the clouds gather and we have a tropical outburst of water from the heavens. It is an interesting sensation to have warm warm rain on your body.

But it wasn't raining on a beautiful Sunday when the Lovely One and I went to the beach. She was wearing her robin blue bathing suit, and a matching sun bonnet in the summery shades of ocean blue as well. And the ocean provided the rest of the blues in the palette.

When I composed this picture in the view finder of the camera, I thought of Thomas Gainsborough's Blue Boy painting. Some say that it was done to prove that an artist couldn't successfully execute a painting whose main colour is blue. Well this isn't Blue Boy, but rather Blue Girl. And I think that it is a much better image than Blue Boy.

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