Picture above are the "guts" of an RFID tag. RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. The etched lines are the "antenna" that picks up the radio signal and it is carried to the chip in the left middle. This is usually embedded in a card, although it can be in a key fob or a cylinder or a tag.

After our money card is fully deployed, many many businesses here in the Caribbean are clamouring for our technology and applications. These range from large stores, to the airport, to the laundromats. The businessmen owning these entities want to take the cash out of the system, because of "leakages". It seems that I have become an RFID subject matter expert just in time.

I read in the New York Times, that a large fashion store in Europe has deployed RFID technology for the fashion illiterate like myself. If you are comtemplating buying a shirt and a pair of pants for example, you pass the attached tags of both items of clothing, and the system will tell you whether or not the two items go together in a fashion sense.

Right now, all suppliers to stores like WalMart must tag their deliveries with RFID. Some RFID tags can be scanned from six feet or two meters away. This will aid in things like luggage control, and courier deliveries.

The field is wide open for this technology, limited only by our imaginations, and it is gratifying to be on the cutting edge. I took the above photo on the boardroom table of our offices.

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