Go Fish

When I was showing the Lovely One my photos, she stopped at this picture ans said that there was something wrong. Obviously the picture was damaged or I had a malfunction. Somehow the fish's face was cut off. In fact, this is one weird fish of the ocean. It is called a LookDown Pompano. It is a fast swimmer. The fish is laterally compressed, meaning that it is awfully thin when it is facing you.

Fish have been front and foremost again, because I have started to spearfish after a fairly long absence. The other day, I got a wonderful Porgy and the Lovely One and I ate it for dinner. It was delicious. The Porgy is a type of ocean perch. It's flesh is exceeding white, fine and flavorful. There wasn't a lot of bones at all. Unfortunately, the batteries of my camera were not charged, so I don't have a pic of it.

When I got home, I was looking for ways to cook it. I came across a Food Network recipe called Porgy Roman Style or Pagro Alla Romano. I used that as a starting point and modified the recipe. I browned the outside of the fish in olive oil, garlic and onions and then added a can of diced tomatoes and Italian spices. I transferred it to a baking dish and threw in some olives, capers and covered it with grated peccorino cheese. I baked it for 45 minutes until the fish was completely cooked.

Usually the Lovely One dislikes me shooting fish on my favorite reef. But after tasting my version of Porgy, I have the green light to bring home all of the porgy that I can get. Now, I would be set if I could find a recipe for jellyfish. Perhaps on toast. Hmmm. Gotta run to the kitchen.

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