Garbage Garden

Since there are no real seasons in this tropical paradise, and some plants actually grow better in December, I decided to plant stuff -- a garden if you will. However it has a twist. Everything that I have planted comes from the garbage.

I have gotten the big pit of a mango to sprout before. However, I did it indoors as a house plant. Mangos were on sale at the supermarket, and the Lovely One bought a pile of them. After I peeled them, and diced the fruit, I stuck the pits halfway into the ground in the flower beds on the patio. They have been there for a week or two. The tops dried out, and they didn't seem to be doing much of anything, but as of late, they seem to be bulging. Since they are showing signs of wanting to sprout, I decided to start watering them.

The next experiment was growing pineapples. I had grown pineapples as houseplants. It is quite easy. When you buy a pineapple at the store, cut the leafy head off. Peel off all of the fruit from the top and stick the head into moist soil. Soon it roots and grows. I planted about six of these so far, and it looks like two have took. The jury is still out on the others.

The third thing that has sprouted so far, is watermelon. I take my watermelon outside, and as I am eating it, I pitch the seeds into the flower bed. I was surprised to see the seedlings pop up. I am hoping for a whole crop of watermelon.

Gardening with seeds from the garbage is fun. For good measure, I went a little overboard and threw out all kinds of seeds, including those from barbados cherry, meyer lemon, tamarind, cuban orange, oranges, dillies, Caimito, and star apple. I expect to open my own fruit stand or supermarket for fruit in a few months. I may have to wait a bit longer for the ones that grow one from trees -- which come to think of it, is most of the stuff I planted.

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