Celebrity Singer Encounters

I have led a fairly quiet life up until now. However by moving to the Caribbean, I have moved to the playground of the rich and famous. Never mind that most of them are here because this country is a tax haven. And we do get over 300 days of sunshine a year. However, personally I have had many celebrity encounters, and some celebrity singer encounters.

The first one was sitting in first class next to the singer Shakira. She talked to me, and she is a gregarious beautiful woman. Even the pilot came out to have a peek at her, and when I was debarking the plane, he playfully punched me in the shoulder with a "you lucky dawg" gesture. I came home all excited and told the Lovely One over dinner in a restaurant, that I sat next to Shakira. The Lovely One looked at me blankly. She didn't know who Shakira was. I called the waiter over, and told him that I had just sat next to Shakira in an airplane, and the guy went nuts with excitement. Now I get reproachful looks when I hum "Shakira Shakira" (the song) under my breath.

The next encounter came with Kid Rock. I detail that encounter in an earlier blog entry. Kid had no problem jumping into my arms when I asked him for a photo opportunity.

And night before last was Sheila Raye Charles. She is the daughter of singing great Ray Charles. She was starring at the Jazz Festival. It was a lovely intimate venue on the water at the harbour. The Lovely One and I dined through the starlit evening listening to jazz. Then Sheila Raye came singing through the crowd and picked me to dance with her. After the show, she gave me a hug as we were leaving the venue.

On the celebrity side, at the invitational I have met several sports celebrities including the greats of baseball (Ozzie Smith stands out as a gentleman), basketball (Dr. J. -- Julius Irving. I also lost my respect for Michael Jordan), football (Michael Jenkins of the Falcons is a real good guy), hockey (Mario Lemieux stands out -- literally -- I didn't expect him to be that tall) and movie stars (some were snotty like Alan Thicke) and media people (Stone Philips of NBC Dateline) who walked off the golf course. All in all, many sports celebrities have distasteful traits, but all of the singers that I have met, have time for the fans.

This is all a major change for me, because for many years my life was incredibly dull. Not so in this small Caribbean country.

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