4 Sale

These are the steps down from our favorite restaurant. It is an open air balcony overlooking the sea. On a lazy hazy Sunday afternoon, the Lovely One and I go there for a leisurely late lunch. They serve incredibly tasty food, and the ingredients are fresh. For example, once I had an fantastic roast beef sandwich in a flatbread wrap with a mouth-watering dipping jus, and a basalmic fresh baby greens and yellow pepper salad. Another time, it was shrimp on skewers with arugula salad.

The place is also a bed and breakfast. The walls have black and white pictures of the island from 50 and 60 years ago. The interior is tastefully decorated in faux antiques. The establishment looks like it has been there for a hundred years, but it is only a few years old. Because it is built on a hill, it looks like a European fortress when you approach it, with doors that look like castle doors near a moat. When you go through the doors, you climb up stairs carved in limestone. It is an incredibly charming place.

We wandered through the bed and breakfast part of the building. The bedrooms have balconies overlooking the sea. The balconies are private. Each balcony has a bed on it, so that you can sleep in the outdoor air, with the tang of the ocean and sound of the surf providing a lullaby for sleep. The Lovely One and I decided that we would go there for a weekend some day.

Last week, I was flipping through a local tabloid, and I came across the real estate ads. There was our favorite restaurant offered for sale. I showed it to the Lovely One. She was dismayed for two reasons. The first was that "our" place was for sale. The second was the asking price. They wanted $4.5 million dollars.

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