Private Bank

Pictured above is a private bank. It carries a Swiss named, but it is owned 50% by the Swiss parent and 50% by a large Middle East Central Bank -- Arab oil money. This private offshore bank was established in this island paradise in 1957. It is for sale. The owners would let it go for $20 million dollars. It makes about $4 million in profit.

The group of companies that I work for, wants to buy it. It would definitely be a jewel in our crown. We already own money transfer companies, and I have unleashed my stored value payments card on the the Caribbean. We are bidding for a telephone company. In a couple of months, we intend to launch texting money by cell phone using SMS. The system of texting cash is over 85% complete now. It only makes sense to buy a bank to tie all of these business endeavors together.

I am keen on owning a Swiss offshore bank. I would have equity in it, and I would be the Chief Technology Officer, as I serve in that role for the entire group of companies. We would have to fire close to half of the staff and instantly it would become more profitable. They have recently downsized the bank, but not the employees, so there is a lot of redundancy.

This bank is very close to our favourite restaurant on the island. Whenever we go there at night for dinner, I park in the executive parking spots of the bank. I tell the Lovely One that soon this parking spot will be mine. She just shakes her head and laughs.

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