Primitive Island Art

The 350-some days of sun affects how the islanders see themselves, see colour, light and how they portray life around them. The above was spotted in the window of an out islands house. It is a primitive dodecatych, or twelve panel painting entitled "Market Daze".

It is an interesting study because the Naive Style is the way that most of the self-taught islanders paint. There are no gradations of color. There are no shadows and the perspective is primitive. One of the most famous island artists is widely collected and his canvases go over $25,000. He depicts island life from a simpler time, and it is all in the style above. Many of his canvases are Biblical scenes that hang in the local churches, and these churches will have a major cash windfall should they choose to divest their artwork.

The Lovely One and I are determined that we will collect some island artwork before the prices go through the roof. We want pieces that remind us of the sea, sand, trees, and village life with the goats, chickens and donkeys. When we examined the piece above, we found it to be painted on cut up bushel basket. How apt, considering the title is "Market Daze".

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