Doorways and Fonts

I realize how lucky that I am to be living in the tropics and doing the fulfilling work that I do. And it was brought home to me yesterday in about 15 feet of water just off Snorkeler's Reef. I met a guy that I hadn't seen for over 30 years. We shook hands while treading water. He was in my sister's class in highschool. He is a successful lawyer, and he asked me what I was doing in the tropics, other than enjoying the sun, sand, sea, etc. I enjoy this all, but I enjoy the colours of the tropics made brilliant by the continuous sunshine.

Being a visual person, one of the things that strikes me the most is the rich colour of the landscape. You have seen it in the palettes that I have posted, and the islanders use it everywhere -- on doors, signs, buildings and even colour the concrete.

I was photographing a series of doors, and I came upon the door to the woman's washroom. It reminded me of an idea that I had long ago that I have never had time to try and code up and test the concept. It is the idea of click-and-pull variable fonts. Take a look at the sign. The "W" and the "N" are larger than the "OME" in between. One can do that now by typing the word out and selecting the individual letter an changing the font characteristic. But one has to go to the menu, and you are restricting the by size in true type fonts. For example, you can get a size 12 font and a size 15 font, but you cannot get a size 12 and 1/2.

Similarly, the font has to be straight up and down. If you wanted to rotate the W slightly backwards you couldn't. With my idea, you would have a full range of transform functions on the font letters. You could skew them, rotate them, change their perspective, and do just about anything to them. When those fonts are available, remember that you read the idea here first.

Another whimsical idea that I had, was the animated desktop icons. Not only could they display stationary motion, but they would move across your desktop as well. They would be like a wallpaper or screen saver. When the screensaver kicks in, the icons could attack and eat each other like Pac Man or chase each other around the screen. I believe that you will see this one day soon in the computer world as well.

Maybe I should stop giving these ideas away, and do them for myself. However inventing stuff for the payments field keeps me busy enough. There is a certain cachet to writing software that handles large volumes of money.

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