Biological Random Number Generator

The idea of random numbers has been on my mind lately. In my electronic payments card, I have to scramble the amount of money that is written into the memory of the card. I also have to make it unreadable if someone should buy an electronic reader for our money cards. So I scramble it all up, and part of that process involves generating random numbers.

Now computer experts will tell you that even though there is a random number generator in every computer, it isn't truly random. If you examine its output over a long period of time, you will see it's bias or what numbers it prefers to spit out. This is not true randomness.

I think that I may have come up with a biological random number generator. I don't know what kind of plant that is above, but it generates random numbers. I have examined a bush near our fence wall, and I have discovered that it generates anywhere from 1 to 10 leaf stalks randomly. I check to make sure that the randomness was not due to leaf damage, bugs, someone pulling leafs off. Sure enough, it appears to be random.

Now I am not sure that if in the long run there is some sort of bias or settling on an average number. I would like to test this, but it would involve pulling up a lot of these plants and bringing them to the patio. Then I would have to count the leaves. Somehow I don't think that the Lovely One would see the scientific value of me filling the patio with leaves and counting them. I suffer for the science that goes on in my head, in the name of a tidy patio. I am scientifically repressed by the Lovely One.

Although having scientific and intellectual freedom is a heady idea, the Lovely One with a single kiss -- trumps it all.

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