Under The Brain Coral

We have a bird bath in our yard. It is a molded plaster one with a hole right through the middle of it. The diameter of the hole is about 1 inch. Atop the bird bath is a hunk of brain coral.

One day, the Lovely One went out and didn't take her keys. I was off to the beach to do some spearfishing. I wanted to lock up the house, and leave the keys somewhere where the Lovely One would find them. I immediately thought of placing them under the brain coral. When I lifted the brain coral, I was surprised to see two little beady eyes staring back at me. We had a resident lizard in the interior of the bird bath. He fits the hole perfectly.

My daughter when she was visiting, named him Frederico. She checked on him at every opportunity. At first I thought that Frederico left the hole at night to eat, to protect himself from the feral cats that we feed. However, we discovered that he sat in the hole, and just ate the insects that ventured under the brain coral. There was scraps of his insect meals all over.

When I discovered that he was a permanent resident of the birdbath tunnel, I was concerned that he was stuck. He wasn't because one day he was particularly scared, and retreated way down the tunnel where he could not be seen.

Then I speculated that he was lonely, or bored. I wondered what he did for amusement. After all, he just sat there and stared at a stone all day. I wanted to free him into the real world, but the girls talked me out of it. They figured that he would die. I thought that he needed exercise.

He needed something to relieve the boredom. After all, he just waited around for bugs and ate them. I thought of installing a TV in place of the brain coral. I had a lot of useless ideas too. However in the end, the girls convinced me that he was happy as he was. For his sake, I hope that he is a little autistic, and likes living in his head a lot.

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