Tying Up Hanging Strings

Today, I am going to tie up the loose ends that I have left hanging. In a previous entry called "Yes, we have no bananas", I was amazed that although I have seen banana plants all over the island, I have not seen any six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunches of bananas. I have found out why. The picture below tells the story.

It is of a banana flower that has been chopped off and dried. They look like a bird of paradise flower. The one here is dried and 4 or 5 days old. Normally the petals (the things sticking up), are shades of white and blue and salmon. Gardeners here cut off the banana flower, because it exudes a sticky sap. This particular banana flower was chopped from the banana plants surrounding the outdoor patio of Starbucks across the street. What a shame -- oh the misery of all of the dead bananas. But at least I know why we have no bananas.

Item 2, is a progress report of the avocado pear tree in the office yard. At one time, I despaired of ever seeing avocado pears. However, you can see by the photo below, that they are coming along nicely.

And a further report on the Cuban Orange tree growing on the office grounds as well. I have discovered a marvellous use for these intensely sour oranges that never turn orange but stay green. I squeeze the juice into a pitcher of ice water, and the juice of one orange makes an incredible beverage that slakes the worst thirst. And I am please to say that the tree is full of growing oranges. They are about the size of a gumball now:

Finally, snorkeling every day has taken its toll on my flippers. The day before yesterday, the heel strap broke in two places. This is the second set of flippers that I have blown out. So today I splurged and went to a dive shop and bought an amazing set of scuba flippers. I was singing the old James Taylor tune to the words: "Yellows and blues, are the colours I choose" and in fact those two colours are not only the colours of this country, but now they are my colors as well:

I also have another mystery plant, but maybe I will tell you about that tomorrow.

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