The Lovely One has headed to the cold north. I took her to the airport, and then went collecting golf balls at Snorkeller's Reef. I skipped out of work for the afternoon. The tourists who competed in the ball search for me have gone home. I had the beach to myself, and I got 21 balls, of which ten of them were pristine with no markings, no dirt, no scrapes, no corporate logos and no personalization marks. Then I was bored. I ate dinner standing over the sink. To alleviate my boredom, I went for a walk around the island.

The super yachts have ceased to amaze me. We have a yacht crew living behind us, and they are away for weeks. The crew makes a ton of money for their 14 hour a day, 7 day a week servitude. However, the Lovely One and I are trying to squeeze a small boat out of the budget, so that we can take off to the surrounding unhabited islands. A boat like that is about $25,000, and yet some of these super yachts have a couple of them as tenders.

So my walk took me to the marina village, and I was stunned to see a helicopter on the back of the yacht. The helicopter costs more than the net worth of most people back home, and here it was just thrown on the back of the yacht like an appendage. I sat stunned, just looking at this display of ostentatious wealth. Toys. Big toys.

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