Seen from the bridge

I was walking home from work the day before yesterday. I have to climb the steep bridge over the harbour. I looked down, and there was a public utilities truck (electricity) being loaded onto a mail boat for travel to an outlying island. There were other vehicles on the boat as well. The decks hands were covering over an open hatch area with boards (lower part of pic) to create a deck space to place the yellow public utilities truck and the white pickup which was going to be shipped as well.

When I was a kid, I used to stop on the way home from school and watch construction and machinery, and this was no different. Here I was on the bridge, with my computer bag, dressed in my work clothes watching this. Everyone else on the sidewalk of the bridge were either tourists in shorts, sandals and tee shirts or hospitality workers in uniforms from the nearby hotels. I was the geek photographing the loading of a ship. And I was walking home to go to the beach to spearfish and snorkel. This job and this situation is almost too much fun for me.

And there is news. Our company is bidding on a telephone company, and as for the articles of incorporation, I have been named both a director of the telecom and the Chief Technical Officer. If the bid is successful, I will direct the technical issues of a telephone company. That appeals to the little kid in me as well. Maybe I will finally succumb and get a Blackberry, or a crackberry as they are known here because they are so addictive. I don't think that I will become addicted unless they devise one that works while snorkelling.

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