Fast Ferry

This is my favourite boat. It is a catamaran -- twin or double hulls, and it has two engines like a jet ski. It travels at 40 miles an hour which is incredibly fast for a boat, and it seats 177 passengers.

The Lovely One and I took this fast ferry on a two hour excursion to the outermost island in this archipelago. It was a phenomenally comfortable trip. I stood out back in the open air, and watch the huge plumes of water -- magnificent rooster tails from the two powerful engines.

The boat has a snack bar, washrooms, an open air upper deck and it doesn't draw much water, so it can navigate the shallows between the reefs. On our trip back from the out islands, someone played a tuba on the rear of the boat for most of the way home.

Not only do I like this boat, but she marks time for me. She runs a regular schedule, and at 6:00 PM every evening as I am coming back from Snorkeller's Reef, I can see this fast ferry coming home to port as I walk the beach to my home.

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