The Failed Compost Pile

I eat at least 10 pieces of fruit every day. I have gotten into shape by eating only good nutritious foods, and exercise -- swimming and walking every day. The fruit contributes a large part to it. However the fruit peels and cores are problematic. In the tropics, you cannot put them in the garbage. There are bugs everywhere. In fact, I just moved to a rear office, because I came in one day this week to find my desk littered with termite wings and dead termite males.

When I eat my fruit, I usually go outside to do it in the sunshine. It was there where I got the idea of making a compost pile. I used to have a compost pile even as a teenager living at home in the back yard. I used to put grass clippings and such on it, and put the compost around the strawberry plants that I put in the flower garden.

The office is surrounded by a limestone fence. Almost everybody fences with rock or concrete. This is a spot under the Barbados Cherry tree. Cherry trees figure prominently in my past as well. There always was a cherry tree in the back yard, and I still carry a scar on me where I fell out of the cherry tree and a branch impaled itself into my skin.

I decided that the spot against the limestone wall under the cherry tree would make a good spot for my compost pile. Every day now for a few months, I throw my rinds, skins, cores, pips, and general fruit ejecta in the spot.
I had these fanciful ideas of creating soil and then some of the cherry pips would germinate into more trees. I am here to tell you that my compost file failed.

Instead of rotting into fine soil, the tropical heat dries up the stuff and it doesn't compost. I have a fine collection of dried up fruit skins etc, but no soil. The banana skins are black and the whole thing looks like someone spilled a garbage can full of fruit. Back to the drawing board on the compost. It is embarassing to admit that I can't make old fruit rot.

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