Coconut Jackpot

Well, I have finally cracked this nut, both literally and figuratively. If you recall, in a previous blog entry, I gathered some coconuts while on a drive with the Lovely One and they turned out not to have real coconuts in them. They were just green coconuts without the brown hard pit inside. They had rather neutral tasting coconut water. I wanted the ones with a brown coconut inside, full of the yummy white coconut meat and sweet coconut water. So I have been testing different kinds of coconuts.

While on my ill fated mission to spear lobster on the Orange Hill Reef, I was thirsty and needed a drink, so I found another of those green coconuts. Using my Hawaiin sling, my spear made a hole in the thing, and the coconut water inside was sweeter than the last ones, but still no brown coconut inside.

Last weekend, on my way to the beach, I found a different kind of coconut. Instead of being totally rounded, it had flattened sides. I brought this coconut home, and tested it with a knife. Lo and behold there was a real coconut inside.

I got the largest kitchen knife that we had, and used it like a machete. It took forever to get the fibrous husk off. But inside was my coconut. There were a couple of surprises. The fibres were white and as the coconut dried out, they turned darker like the familiar coconut in the supermarkets. The other surprise was that as the fibres darkened and dried out, the three little eyes appeared on the bottom of the coconut, again just like the coconuts in the supermarket.

I haven't cracked my coconut yet -- I haven't had too. The supermarkets just had a half price special on canned coconut water, and I have a pile of cans in the fridge at work. Zipping the top of a can sure beats twenty minutes of hacking away at the husk with knife.

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