Golf Ball Stock Picking Report

Well, I thought that it was time that I gave an update on my Golf Ball Stock Picking results. You will recall that I decided that companies whose executives could play the $260 per round golf course on this island paradise were not managing their expenses well. As a result, I predicted that their stocks would fall. I determined who these companies were, by snorkelling and collecting the corporate embossed golf balls that they hit into the ocean.

I am tracking 9 stocks, and four of the nine have already fallen. CBS and COKE are the biggest losers. However, I haven't made any money yet. As a matter of fact, I would have already lost 1% of my investment.

The stocks that I am tracking include Accenture (the company renamed themselves from Arthur Andersen after the Enron Scandal), CBS, Worthington Industries, Wells Fargo, Heinz, Heinz, Coke, Canon, Starwood Hotels, and Bear Stearns.

The most potentially interesting golf ball story that may develop, is that I found a golf ball from the California Mechanical Contractors Association. Many golfers mark their balls as the rules required. This one person marked their golf ball with their initials. I went to the website, and one of the officers of that association had the same initials as on the golf ball. I sent him an email telling him that he could pick up his ball at my house on his next visit. I eagerly await his response. After he duffed the ball into the ocean, I bet that he never expected to see that ball again.

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