Put da Lime in da Coconut

Rather belatedly, The Lovely One and I have just discovered Tropical Drinks. There is a fairly good reason for it. One of my business associates gave me a bottle of 21 year old Glenlivet Scotch. Man, that stuff is like a fine wine, with taste tones of caramel and honey. It is an ambrosia for the Gods, and when I googled the price of it, I nearly fell off the chair.

Then The Lovely One went for drinks at the ultra posh resort in our backyard. She took her best female friend who was visiting from the north. There, they discovered the Mojito -- a tasty blend of lime juice muddled with fresh mint and cane syrup, and white rummed topped with club soda. It is an amazing drink.

The Lovely One and her friend challenged me to mix other tropical drinks. I made a Pina Colada from scratch, buying the coconut stuff from the grocery store. It was a huge hit. The next evening, we experimented with a banana daiquiri, and that was a bust. The Lovely One refused to drink it. It was too sweet for her taste.

The coconut water with bits of coconut in it came in a big can, and after the Pina Coladas were made, there was half a can left over. A couple of days later, I was thirsty, and chugged the remainder. It was surprisingly delicious. We now have cans of coconut water in the fridge. They cost $1.49 for a can with twice the volume of a can of soda pop.

This sensitized me to coconuts. Last Sunday we were on a drive, and we drove down a deserted laneway. The palm trees were bursting with coconuts. I stopped the car and whacked down a trio of coconuts from a palm tree near the road. Two of them are pictured above.

I got home and got a big knife. I knew that there was this husk around the coconut, and eventually I would come to the brown hard shell with three eyes on the end. I cut the top off and the knife sliced through the coconut rather easily. I was surprised by the amount of liquid that gushed out.

I plunged the knife deep into the coconut and poured the coconut water into a large tumbler. It filled the glass. I looked inside the coconut, and there was no hard brown shell inside. I cut off a bit of the coconut, and it didn't taste like coconut. I gingerly tasted the water. It was warm, and it didn't taste like anything. I dumped the coconut water down the sink.

I can only surmise that there are different types of palm tree coconuts. The ones that I got weren't the food type coconuts. I have seen them used with tropical drinks by pouring in rum with the water, but sure as heck, they weren't the coconut that I knew and wanted.

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