Harvest Time

Well, I got my first big fruit harvest from my orchards at my office. I got a handful of Barbados cherries and three Cuban Sour Oranges (or greens).

It was tough picking the cherries. I had to chase off a couple of mockingbirds. Then all of the good cherries were high up. I got a stick to knock them down, and some bark fragments from the stick got into my eye. On top of that, where my skin contacted the cherry tree, it gave me little itches. I don't know what that was all about. In addition, the branches scratched me, and it was quite painful for a second or two when I took my usual evening dip in the ocean. It burned like hell upon immersion in salt water.

I have high hopes for a continued harvest. The ancient avocado pear tree is trying to flower. The flower buds, and lots of them have been showing for a week. I eagerly expect to fill the larder and cornucopia with tons of avocado pear. Judging by the size of my cherry crop however, I might be a tad optimistics about how many avocado pears that I am going to get.

It was a harvest in every sense of the word yesterday. My evening snorkel yielding 14 golf balls from the ocean as well. Some of them were quite untouched except for a little salt water marinade.

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