The Full Four Yards

A colleague of mine sent me an email today. He is from the far-away north where I lived before I moved to this tropical paradise. This is how he ended the email: We are having a major snow storm today – its pretty miserable. Hope you are well and prospering.

Another colleague wrote today :YES, it was freezing rain, and snow overnight and about 10-15cm of snow.. It only took 2 hours to drive from Oshawa to Markham along Hwy 7. Add 20 mins to the snow removal and ice scraping . It seems that everyone back home is getting the brunt of Old Man Winter.

This winter has been the winter of winters -- the worst in 20 years. I looked up the weather statistics so far and my former home city has had over 136.5 inches of snow so far. That is over eleven feet of snow. And the winter is not over, and they expect another 8 inches today. This winter, they will get the full four yards of snow.

The winters have been so mild in the past, that I shoveled very long laneways by myself. I took a whole afternoon to do it, and threw the frisby for the dog in between shovelfulls. I did this about 6 times a winter, which was not onerous at all.

This year, I would have had to pay someone to do it, and it would have cost a fortune. By pure chance, the Lovely One and I picked the right winter to escape the white stuff. Don't get me wrong, we have the white stuff here too. I have posted a picture of it at the top of this entry.

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