The Fleet is in

It has been a strange strange week in paradise -- weatherwise. Cold winds are blowing in from the north creating spectacular waves and an eight foot high surf. The ocean is roily and the fishing fleet hasn't been out in days. The famous fish restaurant hasn't had fresh fish for close to a week now.

This affects my recreational activities as well. When I snorkel, the undulating waves make me seasick. The water is so cloudy that I cannot see the fish, or more importantly any golf balls that I snorkel for. For all of last week, I get less than 5 golf balls per outing. I usually get 8 to ten.

Because of the high surf, I have taken to fishing in the moorage across the street with rod and reel. The slips are usually populated with jacks raising a ruckus. This week -- Nada, nothing.

As I was contemplating fishlessness, I saw a fishing boat go out. I snapped a pic of it. The sky was grey, and its prospects didn't look good, but at least a sportfisher was trying to make a go of it.

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