Catching Up

This is a roundup of hanging threads. Yesterday, I told you that the fishing fleet was harbour-bound because of rough seas. Well today is no different. The harbour is crammed with boats and perhaps the windy weather and high seas will abate this afternoon. It is warm weather, and the sun is shining, but the wind is blowing and the seas are high.

On March 6, I told you about the ancient avocada pear tree budding on the office grounds. There were hundreds of buds that lasted forever. When finally the tree has fruited. See the little buds of avocado pears. However from the millions of buds, there is less than twenty fruits on the trees and the birds and insects seem to like them. They are dropping off. I fear that there will not be any avocados for me. (see pic below).

And we come to golf balls. These past couple of weeks, I have had to compete with the tourists, who have been snorkeling my reefs and robbing me blind of my usual harvest of lost golf balls. Well, the rough seas have scared off the snorkellers, and my numbers of found balls are up. Yesterday, four out of five golf balls were pristine, high end names like Titleist and Callaway.

My stock picking method using found golf balls in the ocean has yielded results as well. On February 11th, I outlined how executives who play with corporately embossed golf balls, and spend $264 on a round of golf, are putting themselves ahead of shareholders and I predict that the shares will drop. As a result, I hypothetically shorted the shares (bet that they would drop on the stock market). Well, we are at 8% gains so far since the 12th of February, thanks to the Bear Stearns meltdown. This is how I am doing:

Accenture: down $69

CBS: up $81

Worthing Industries: down $69

Wells Fargo: down $33

Heinz: down $117

Coke: down $25

Canon Electronics: down $87

Starwood Hotels: down $61

Bear Stears: up $1,136

On the 17th of March a bid was made for Bear Stearns at $2.00 per share. As late as January of this year, they were at $105 per share. On the stock market, the share price fell to $4.81 and I "liquidated" the position locking in the profits. That $1,100 profit was just on 15 shares, and it nicely negated the $379 loss on the others, for a profit of 8% of the roughly $9,000 invested in this scheme. And it isn't over yet.

So on this wonderful Friday in paradise, I again will walk home from work, and buy a $1.00 bag of wood-fire roasted peanuts with the blackened shells from the street vendor, and ponder another successful week in paradise. The weekend is here, and that means lobster fishing for me. There are only a few more days left in the season.

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