Budding Forever

One thing about the trees of the Caribbean, is that they all flower in some way or another. And when they do, the splashes of colors are beautiful.

My office is on the site of an old settlement replete with all sorts of fruit trees. The oldest tree on the property is an avocado pear tree. I know that it is the oldest, because one day an old lady was on the front pathway of our office building. She was visiting the offices on the second level, however, the architects who do business there had not arrived for the day yet. I went out to speak to her.

The woman's maiden name was the name of the street that our office was on. Her grandfather owned all of the surrounding land, and had planted all of the trees, including the Barbados Cherry, the Cuban Orange and the Avocado Pear tree. She told me that the avocado pear tree only flowers when it feels like it, and goes long periods without flowering. It was a very old tree -- the first one that her grandfather had planted.

This Methuselah Tree of my office has been trying to bud for two weeks now. I have awaited patiently to see what the flowers look like. The buds (pictured above) just got slightly bigger in the two weeks, and haven't burst into flower at all. It will be interesting to see if they do. I will post pics if and when that it does happen.

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