Yes we have no bananas

The pic is of a banana leaf. Banana plants are all over the place. But there is a mystery. I have seen banana plants all over the island, but I have yet to see any bananas on them.

I think that I have seen a banana flower. It reminds me of a bird of paradise flower. But I have yet to see any bananas anywhere. It has become an obsession with me. I have become Mr. Tallyman looking to tally the bananas that I have seen, and there are none to be seen.

Is it because the plants are grown for shrubbery? Is it because the bananas disappear as soon as they appear? Is it because they are out of season?

I had envisioned this island as full of trees and plants bearing tropical fruit, and I have been sorely disappointed. The only fruit that I have seen is of the inedible variety, or the very sparse variety. Even the tropical fruit in the supermarket is a disappointment. Up in the cold north it is less expensive and of a better quality. So every time that I seen a banana leaf, my hopes go up in seeing a six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch. But there is nothing, and it makes me wanna go home. Day-O.

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