Jack & the Beanstalk Revealed

Anther plant mystery. In this tropical paradise, I have run across mystery flowers, mystery fruits, mystery plants and mystery fish. But I think that I have finally found aliens. Giant Killer Peas. I decided to cross the street to fish off the dock nearby. As I was walking the verdant path, I saw them -- the giant Killer Peas. These things were gargantuan -- bigger than the palm of my hand. They were huge. I picked them.

The pods were full and ripe. They were growing on a bush that was about waist high, but it had fallen over with the load of peas. I am willing to bet that they are edible, but I do not have the guts to try them. If I got sick from them, The Lovely One would let me writhe in pain to teach me a lesson about eating possibly venomous things that I know nothing about. And in this tropical paradise, Mother Nature seems prone to creating a lot of venomous things. I get a skin rash or pustules almost daily from touching things that look "neat".

So after photographing the giant killer peas, I threw them over the patio fence into the vacant lot next door. I wake up every morning, expecting to see a giant beanstalk ascending to heavens. You can bet your sweety bippy that I would climb it. Everyone knows that at the top of the beanstalk (peastalk) there lives a goose that lays golden eggs.

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