Colors of a Dog

I happen to like dogs very much. In my view, they are the noblest of creatures. The dogs on this island paradise are wild dogs who were once domesticated, and still can be. They have a long history. They trace their bloodlines to dogs that came over on the pirate ships of the Caribbean and other sailing ships.

Over the centuries, they have adapted to the tropical heat. Their hair has gotten shorter. They all have evolved to a yellow dog color. They have big barrel chests to extract the most oxygen with the least effort in the hot sun. They take 12 hour power naps, going into a tropical torpor so deep, that everytime that I see one in that state, I think that the dog is dead.

This particular dog is one of the wild ones that has been sort of domesticated. He lives at the National Gallery and can be found on the wrap-around porch at any time.

I was fascinated with the range of his colors in the sun. I sampled the colors in photoshop, and what you see in the pic, is just a few of the many, many colors of this dog.

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Kazumi said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I love this picture; the colour combinations are very interesting.